Suitable for smaller organisations, or as a first step for larger organisations

You can pick and mix from the wide variety of interventions we have available.

For example:

  • One-off talks

  • Articles for your staff newsletter

  • Pop-up stands for awareness days

  • Wellbeing workshops

  • One-to-one training for managers

  • Training for your wellbeing champions

  • Training for your mental health first aiders

  • Team-building days

The idea of the Springboard option is to help you launch your wellbeing programme, or supplement your existing programme. After an initial discussion where you decide which interventions you’d like, we organise these into a one-off event or a short series of events. After this, you’ll be in a better position to gauge how to move forward. For example, you might continue under your own steam, or choose further Kudu services, such as monthly support or a Deep Dive.

We create excellence through realistic expectations and boundaries.

to make a long term and sustainable impact building in systems to measure progress to give you confidence in the direction of change. Using our all-round experience from mental to physical wellbeing, from team development to processes, we pride ourselves in providing tailored support and solutions to your people and your business.

With many years’ experience working in wellbeing, we have an understanding in the challenges of a wide range of services – from construction to social care, from customer service to leadership, from home to office working, public to private sector.

We have worked within these sectors to make improvements to staff morale, increase visibility, boost productivity and start to build that wellbeing culture.

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