• Do you want to boost your success but currently have workforce challenges holding you back, such as attraction and retention, absence, productivity or engagement?
  • Are you navigating growth or merging businesses and want your key asset – your people – to be on board with your vision?
  • Do you already have a successful people strategy or Employee Value Proposition (EVP) but you want to have a greater impact?

Then KUDU can help.


The Kudu Approach

Our passion is to help you make long term and sustainable changes to the wellbeing of your workforce. Kudu does not take an approach of ‘one size fits all’. We offer tailored support to your people and your business, building in systems to track progress in your desired direction of change.

Leanne Bird, who set up Kudu, has offered wellbeing services for many years. Based on her work with a diverse range of clients, she understands the challenges of a wide range of sectors and needs – from construction to social care, customer service to leadership, home to office working, and public to private sector.

Productivity & Engagement

Productivity & Engagement

Morale is vital. Just because employees turn up for work doesn’t mean they will be at the top of their game. Mental health issues, or physical aches and pains, can have a major impact on performance.

The best strategy is to keep your team feeling fit, motivated, and happy. We will help you develop ongoing staff wellbeing action plans, including coaching, training, and team-building workshops

Attraction & Retention

Attraction & Retention

Given the staff shortage both, in the UK and abroad, recruitment can be a big challenge. Job seekers often have more than one offer to consider. Increasingly, staff are looking at prospective employers’ wellbeing programmes.

As well as providing support for your current workforce to assist retention, we can provide the sort of information that interview candidates would like to see.

Absence & Wellbeing

Absence & Wellbeing

Staff will be off work for medical reasons from time to time. That’s life. However, you can take action to reduce the number of days lost. Happier staff are less likely to suffer from stress, burnout, or other mental health issues. Also, good posture and higher levels of physical fitness can reduce the number and severity of injury or muscular skeletal disorders.

Prevention is better than cure. We can provide services such as stress resilience training and joint strengthening programmes, as well as advice on posture.

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