Navigating Workforce Challenges? Discover Tailored Solutions That Drive Real Results.


In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, leaders need to ensure workforce effectiveness in order to keep striving towards their goals. However, challenges like retaining top talent, enhancing employee engagement, and adapting to hybrid work models are common, yet solutions can seem elusive.

Introducing our Discovery Sessions: a beacon for CEOs, Directors, and HR leaders seeking actionable insights tailored to their unique challenges. Dive deep into the root causes, get clarity on the way forward, and develop a robust wellbeing strategy that not only tackles immediate concerns but sets your business up for lasting success.

Isn’t it time you moved from identifying problems to implementing solutions? Let’s get started.

Why Choose This Discovery Session?


Expert Guidance: KUDU’s experts have a raft of inhouse and consultancy experience in both small and large organisations.

Clarity: Leave with a clear vision and strategy.

In-Depth Analysis: Understand issues from multiple perspectives.

Practical Steps: Walk away with actionable, tailored solutions.


“Our local charity has immensely benefited from working with Leanne. She’s professional, approachable, and truly understands our needs. – Karen, Age Connects Cardiff & the Vale

Who is it for?


Organisational roles

This session is tailor-made for CEOs, Directors, Operations and HR leads. However, Team Leaders who are also decision makers / influence with decision makers will find this session effective.



If you’re grappling with challenges such as

  • staff attraction and retention
  • employee engagement and productivity
  • absence and presenteeism
  • managing people as you scale, or
  • navigating the hybrid work model

this is for you.



The Discovery Session is best if you are at the beginning of the process and want some clarity and direction on how to proceed.


In our 2 hr session we will cover the following

Insightful analysis

We’ll dive into your current initiatives and pinpoint your primary concern.

Strategic vision

Discover your wellbeing vision to work towards.

Actionable roadmap

Following the session you’ll get clear next steps to transform challenges into opportunities.




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    Duration: 2 hr consultation
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    Format: Depending on your preference: in-person or online
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    Before the session: Pre-workshop ‘what to bring’ to make sure you get the most out of the session
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    On the day: We’ll go through where you are and your biggest challenge, ensuring you leave with a way forward to start your journey.
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    Following the session: After the session you’ll get a summary report of what was discussed and the recommendations. We will also schedule a 15 min follow call to help you to solidify your next steps and take action.

Ensure your workforce thrives.

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In our 30 minute consultation we will look to find out where you are in your journey, what your biggest challenges are and how we can best support you.

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