Our Mission

KUDU’s mission is to…

“…revolutionise UK businesses and organisations by shaking up their people’s experience and embedding employee wellbeing into the heart of their operations, cultivating a culture that bolsters profitability and sustainability, and nurturing a wider society that thrives on happiness and health.”



Having witnessed the impact that poor management and support, poor organisational and team communication and lack of clarity, progression and development can have on employee wellbeing, productivity and retention, Leanne, our Founder’s, mission became clear – to support the employees you need to support the employer. Help them to find out how people are, and what can be done to improve their work support, environment and culture – helping them to be the best that they can be. Help them to see how things can be done differently for better results, for everyone.


The word KUDU comes from the English name of an antelope in South Africa – Kudu or Kudoo.

The Kudu is a majestic, intelligent and agile antelope.

Locking horns…

Sometimes when they fight, the males horns can get locked together, causing them to die of thirst and hunger.

The skulls of males who have come to such fate are often used by tribes to teach lessons to youngers to not engage in senseless strife and focus on what really matters.

A story of true leadership…

Furthermore, Zulu tribes believe that if you dreamt of a kudu it meant that you were going to be promoted to a high position in the tribe.

….However you had to be careful not to indulge in quarrels or lead with your ego, because your subsequent downfall would be swift!

Instead you need to work together with the people of the tribe, work together to solve problems, treat people well and be humble – the makings of a true leader.

A symbol of the way forward…

Being South African born herself (and in another life a training ranger!), upon coming across this Leanne, our founder, knew that the Kudu was to be the symbol of this venture.

Be more ‘KUDU’

Here are 6 ways we help you to ‘Be more KUDU’, ensuring you grow sustainably, attract the right employees and customers and be able to focus more resources on delivery and products.

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    Adaptive Intelligence:
    KUDU guides businesses to adapt with the agility, adaptability and resilience of the Kudu, using a data-led tailored people centered approach, ensuring alignment with mission and values
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    Constructive Engagement:

    KUDU helps improve communication and psychological trust, encourage listening, involve employees in decision making and solution creation and reduce internal conflicts, preventing the kind of impasses that can starve a company’s progress, much like the Kudus’ locked horns.

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    Visionary Leadership: KUDU develops leaders who, inspired by the Kudu’s symbolism, lead with strength, humility, integrity and strategic foresight, showing transparency and recognition and avoiding the pitfalls of pride.
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    Collaborative Synergy: KUDU encourages a team-focused culture, building on individuals strengths, and developing where there are weaknesses, sidestepping the isolation silos and rivalry that can hinder collective success, akin to Kudus in harmony.
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    Sustainable Prosperity: KUDU fosters a growth strategy that reflects the Kudu’s balance with its environment, encouraging work-life balance, supporting wellbeing, encouraging diversity and inclusion and creating a healthy workplace – promoting a business’s long-term health and viability.
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    Wisdom Through Reflection: KUDU uses lessons from past business challenges, current data and workforce experience to mentor and build wisdom, similar to how Kudu stories teach life lessons.

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