Deep Dive

We offer a range of services, which we will tailor according to your wishes and, also, the size, needs, and capacity of your organisation. You may wish to receive all our services, or just one or two.

Kudu is here to help you achieve your goals.

Introductory Talks and Workshops

This is a chance for you to hear an overview of what we do and to assess whether you see benefit in moving forward with a wellbeing at work initiative.

Audit and Assessment

The next stage is a fact-finding audit, where we help you assess the wellbeing issues facing your organisation. For example, if members of your workforce are suffering stress or back pain, we will investigate and report on the likely causes or where further investigation is required.

Agreed Strategy

Following our discussion, we put together a short strategy document, outlining your action plan, goals, timelines, and monitoring procedures.

Initial Free Consultation

If you do decide to explore further, we book a meeting with you – in person or online – to discuss you needs and the options available.

Draft Action Plan

Based on the results of our investigation and our initial discussions about your goals, we will work with you to develop a draft action plan.

Tailored interventions

The action plan will highlight a number of interventions tailored to your needs as a business. Depending on the intervention, we will either act as accountability on progress, help source the right support or lead on the delivery of the intervention ourselves.

Training & Coaching

We offer a wide variety of group or individual sessions as part of the action plan including:

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    Stress resilience and stress management training
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    Posture and joint management training
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    Teambuilding sessions, including yoga or paddleboarding
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    Menopause awareness
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    Wellbeing coaching

Ongoing support

If you would like ongoing support, we can meet with key staff on a regular basis to monitor progress and assess whether your workforce would benefit from further consulting, training, or coaching.

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