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  • Are you looking to grow your business and need support or managing your people as you grow?
  • Maybe you have recently grown and need to put a better process in place to avoid future issues?
  • Or maybe you are starting to see issues around staff retention, employee engagement, absence or productivity?


At KUDU Wellbeing, we’re dedicated to transforming your business by enhancing employee wellbeing. Our mission is to embed a culture of happiness and health within your operations, leading to increased profitability and sustainability.

Tailored for smaller businesses

Our exclusive Starter Package is designed specifically businesses with around 5-25 employees. We understand the unique challenges you face and are here to support your growth and success.

Why choose our Starter Package?


I don’t know about you, but we find growth exciting. All your hard work is paying off; new doors are opening, you’re reaching more people, and there’s this amazing buzz of making an even bigger splash in the market.

However, if not managed well, scaling businesses often grapple with:

A Diluted Culture: As you expand, leadership can lose touch with the heart of the team, impacting your unique ethos you’ve built.

Shaky Foundations: Increased workloads dampen productivity & engagement, tempting your star players to look elsewhere

Unclear directions: Without clear guidance, actions can stray from values which may muddy your good name.


We want to see your people be the best they can be, so your business can be. Let KUDU support you on this journey and break down these barriers to your success.


“Our local charity has immensely benefited from working with Leanne. She’s professional, approachable, and truly understands our needs.

– Karen, Age Connects Cardiff & the Vale

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Our Starter Package provides the following

Insightful analysis

We’ll dive into your current initiatives, assess staff engagement and map out your employee journey to pinpoint any potential improvements.

Actionable roadmap

Following the session you’ll get an action plan giving you clear next steps to transform challenges into opportunities.

Support with implementation

We won’t give you the information and run. We have various ways we can go on to support with the implementing the action plan.


  • AIM: To provides you with an overall baseline and understanding and what actions you could take to improve People Experience.
  • FOR: Designed to support businesses or teams of between 5 and 25 employees.
  • PRICE: £795
  • PRE-REQUISITE: Follows on from the Mini Audit.
  • NEXT STEPS: Option for ongoing support following the programme.


What’s included?

The Starter Package will include:

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    Staff Survey: We’ll use this to identify your teams current engagement and wellbeing to give us both a baseline and an understanding of where they are now.
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    Employee journey mapping: Exploring how your employee experiences your organisation from recruitment to exit. We’ll identify any potential improvements to increase staff retention and engagement.
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    Basic action plan: Using the data from the Mini Audit, staff survey and employee journey map we will work with you to create a tailored action plan – what needs to be done, who is going to lead on it and when is it going to be done. We will also help you identify some quick wins so you can start to have an impact straight away.


Until the end of the financial year (31/3/24), if you purchase the Starter Package, you will get the Mini Audit (worth £295) completely FREE. Must be purchased at the same time.

Our guarantee to you

If you carry out your action plan as laid out and there are no improvements in your Net Promotor Score, we will work with you until you do.

Ensure your workforce thrives.

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In our 30 minute consultation we will look to find out where you are in your journey, what your biggest challenges are and how we can best support you.

Prior to the call you’ll receive our Staff Retention & Engagement questionnaire which will help us to direct our conversation, feel free to complete it and get your score now!


Empower your business with a workforce that’s not just present, but truly engaged and thriving. Let’s shape that future together.

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